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The Colonade at Park Shore The Colonade at Park Shore
Welcome to our community website.  This website is designed to provide useful information to our residents and members of the public who may be interested in learning about our community.  Please feel free to explore the features available to the public on this site.  Members must login to see the private areas of the website.
~ Neighborhood News ~
Please make sure that you have the 2016 copy of The Colonade at Park Shore Information and Telephone Directory.  In regards to any changes , additions or deletions to the directory, please contact Marcia Carthaus, Chairman of the Directory Committee by emailing Marcia at 
***************  To All Colonade  Owners
Please, please, please be very aware that there are confirmed Bufo Marinus, or Marine Toad at the Colonade. These are large toads that can be lethally poisonous to your dog or cat. This is a serious threat -- it is prudent practice to prevent your pet from sniffing under shrubs and foliage as you walk around the circle.  
"When this non-native species is threatened or handled, it secretes a highly toxic milky substance from its large parotoid glands at the back of its head, behind the ears. This secretion can burn your eyes, may irritate your skin, and can kill cats and dogs if they ingest the secretion.
Symptoms of Giant Toad poisoning in pets include drooling, head-shaking, crying, loss of coordination, and, in more serious cases, convulsions. The dog's (or cat's) gums often turn red, an indicator used by veterinarians to distinguish toad poisoning from epilepsy. For this reason, pet owners should be familiar with their pet's normal gum color. Treatment: If you suspect toad poisoning, get a hose and run water in the side of the dog's/cat's mouth, pointing the animal's head downward so water isn't swallowed. Rub the gums and mouth to remove the toxin. This treatment is usually successful, but call your veterinarian immediately."
For more in this article about Florida's largest toad refer to:
(You can listen to it's breeding call on that website, you'll probably recognize it as a familiar evening sound.)

~ Don't Forget ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
The Colonade Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, September 16th, 9:30 am at The Colonade Clubhouse
There is a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Friday, September 16, 2016 at the Colonade Clubhouse at 9:30 am.
Board of Directors -Budget Adoption Meeting
Friday, November 18th, 9:30 am at The Colonade Clubhouse
There will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of The Colonade for the adoption of the 2017 budget.
It will be held on November 18,2016 at 9:30 am at the Colonade Clubhouse.

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~ Surveys ~
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